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October 18, 2023
Special Presentation: Home Safety and Fall Risk Reduction

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, a place where you always feel comfortable and safe.
As adults get older though, that sanctuary can turn dangerous. Everyday items around your house and run-of-the mill tasks you do regularly at home start to come with a risk of falling. There are many solutions to allow individuals of all ages and abilities to “age safely at home.”

November 15, 2023
Special Presentation: Boost Your Brain Health With Lifestyle and Nutrition Choices You Can Make Today

Everyone needs a healthy brain to function well. The daily choices we make directly impact whether we can rely on our memory, ability to make decisions, and executive function and self-regulation skills (the ability to plan, focus, and juggle multiple tasks).
If you are concerned about how your brain is aging, or someone you love has cerebral challenges, join us to learn some measures you can take TODAY to slow the brain aging process. We will discuss various lifestyle changes you can make, including those related to diet, physical, mental, and social activity.

January 17, 2023
Special Presentation: Dementia Vs. Normal Aging

This presentation provides an overview of dementia and how it is different from normal aging. We will discuss the different forms of dementia and common symptoms that accompany memory loss as well as some things to look for in seniors that can cause confusion. We will also discuss 6 ways to decrease your risk of Dementia.

February 21, 2023
Special Presentation: All About Assisted Living

This presentation will explain the differences between Skilled Nursing Homes, Independent and Assisted Living Communities, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Memory Care Communities. It will then focus specifically on Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities and explain how these communities can differ in care and amenities. We will provide information regarding questions that families should ask and things to look for in an Assisted Living or Memory Care Community.
We will also provide information on how and when to start a conversation with your family member about transitioning to an assisted living or memory care community and different ways to pay for Memory Care or Assisted Living.