Your Next Chapter Senior Living, An Avery Heights Production. Hosted by Siobhan Cefarelli, Marketing Director, The Heights.

Our podcasts provide helpful tips and resources for older adults that will empower and encourage you in your life journey. From topics related to physical and emotional health, financial health, senior living communities, and more, host Siobhan Cefarelli will help guide you as you begin Your Next Chapter.

When starting the search for senior living, whether it is for yourself or for a loved one, there are many ‘what if’ questions. As we age, it is very challenging to have a crystal ball - figuring out what could go wrong, and how it will be handled. Listen and learn about potential solutions to answer the 'what ifs’ and help ease your mind.

The Blue Zones are areas in the world where people age gracefully. They live happy, full lives throughout their aging years. Listen as we explore the Blue Zones and show how moving to a senior living community can give you all the advantages of healthy Blue Zone living.

Beginning your search for a senior living community can be overwhelming. Listen as we provide tips and guidance, including important steps to take during your search.

When searching for a senior living community, older adults and their families are often taken advantage of. Listen and get tips to help protect you from being taken advantage of.