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    Independent Living Apartment and Cottage Rental Inquiries:

    Siobhan Cefarelli at or 860-953-1201 ext. 403

    Assisted Living and the Burnham Family Memory Care Residence:

    Siobhan Cefarelli at or 860-953-1201 ext. 403

    Assisted Living Services Agency:

    Kerrie Palumbo at or  860-527-4663, ext. 428

    Home Health Care:

    Kerrie Palumbo at or 860-527-4663, ext. 428

    Short-Term Rehabilitation, Intermediate Care and Skilled Nursing Care:

    Marissa Page at or 860-953-1201 ext.462

    Fitness Center and Doty Aquatic Center:

    Mark Modifica at or 860-953-1201 ext. 450


    William Thompson at or 860-953-1201 ext.337